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Submit Your Spectra

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We encourage users of RCH to submit their Raman spectra if they are not not included in the RamanCrystalHunter Database (RCHDB) or if their spectra are of higher quality than those for the same mineral included in the RCHDB.


Please include the following information when submitting spectra:

[1] Name of mineral or synthetic phase: e.g., "pargasite" or "olivine inclusion in diamond".

[2] Sample Provenance: please specify provenance/locality of mineral specimen. e.g., e.g., Darai-Pioz massif, Alaysky intrusive complex, Tien-Shan, Rashtskii district, N. Tajikistan.

If synthetic, please specify where and when synthesis was conducted.

[3] Bibliographic/Analytical References: please include references if spectra are associated with a publication. If not associated with a publication, please provide details regarding where and when analysis were conducted.

[4] Collection Parameters: please describe collection parameters used for collection of submitted spectra. e.g., Spectrometer and microscope details, beam size, axial and spectral resolutions, laser energy, acquisition times, wavenumber calibrations, diffraction grating, laser wavelength, crystal orientation.

We require the following minimum information; laser wavelength (e.g. 532 nm) and crystal orientation (e.g. E ‖ c and/or E Ͱ c)

[5] Mineral Formula: Please provide the ideal and/or empirical chemical formula for each mineral. If other information is available (e.g. structural data - polytype) please include this in your submission.

Please submit your spectra in .txt, .asc or .csv file format along with the above information to

If you do not have access to [1] to [5] above, please specify what information was not included in your submission email.

Please sign-up to the RCH user registry below
This way you will be notified about updates to the RCH software and RCHDB.

Thank you for registering!

Please submit your spectra in .txt, .asc or .csv file format along with the information below to

All submitted spectra will be reviewed by the developers to ensure their quality and that all accompanying information was included with the submission. Submitted spectra will be added to the RCHDB in batches during periodic updates. If you have questions about the submission process please contact Fabrizio Nestola (

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