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Since 2001, I have authored/co-authored more than 330 peer-reviewed publications.

You can download my full publication list below:

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Mineral inclusions in a super-deep diamond
Anzolini et al. 2020

Recent Publications (2024-2023)


Hydrogen-related defects in diamond: A comparison between observed and calculated FTIR spectra

MC Day, MC Jollands, D Novella, F Nestola, R Dovesi, MG Pamato

Diamond and Related Materials, 110866.

Forged soft tissues revealed in the oldest fossil reptile from the early Permian of the Alps

V Rossi, M Bernardi, M Fornasiero, F Nestola, R Unitt, S Castelli, et al.

Paleontology, 67 (1), e12690


Sublithospheric diamonds record carbonate-mantle interaction from ferropericlase Fe and Mg isotopic compositions

P Ni, SB Shirey, J Czas, D Novella, F Nestola, N Kueter, T Stachel, et al.


Mangani-eckermannite, NaNa2 (Mg4Mn3+) Si8O22 (OH) 2, a new amphibole from Tanohata Mine, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

AV Kasatkin, NV Zubkova, AA Agakhanov, NV Chukanov, R Škoda, et al.

Mineralogical Magazine, 87 (6), 935-942

Sublithospheric diamond ages and the supercontinent cycle

S Timmerman, T Stachel, JM Koornneef, KV Smit, R Harlou, GM Nowell, et al.

Nature 623 (7988), 752-756.

Tetrahedrite-(Cd), Cu6(Cu4Cd2)Sb4S13, from Radětice near Příbram, Czech Republic: the new Cd member of the tetrahedrite group

J Sejkora, C Biagioni, P Škácha, S Musetti, AV Kasatkin, F Nestola

European Journal of Mineralogy 35 (6), 897-907.

Tetrahedrite-(Ni), Cu6(Cu4Ni2)Sb4S13, the first nickel member of tetrahedrite group mineral from Luobusa chromite deposits, Tibet, China

Y Wang, R Chen, X Gu, F Nestola, Z Hou, Z Yang, G Dong, H Guo, K Qu

American Mineralogist 108 (10), 1984-1992.

Petrology and geochemistry of Canadian diamonds: An up-to-date review

A Curtolo, D Novella, A Logvinova, NV Sobolev, RM Davies, MC Day, et al.

Earth-Science Reviews, 104588.

A re-evaluation of stannopalladinite using modern analytical techniques

AV Kasatkin, A Vymazalová, F Nestola, VV Gurzhiy, AA Agakhanov, et al.

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (5), 773-782.

Commentary on ‘Oldhamite: a new link in upper mantle for COS-Ca cycles and an indicator for planetary habitability’

F Nestola

National Science Review 10 (10), nwad185.

Napoliite, Pb2OFCl, a new mineral from Vesuvius volcano, and its relationship with dimorphous rumseyite

AV Kasatkin, OI Siidra, F Nestola, IV Pekov, AA Agakhanov, et al.

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (5), 711-718.

Thermal expansion of oldhamite, CaS: Implication for the surface of Mercury

A Barbaro, F Zorzi, A Lorenzetti, S Ferrari, C Tubaro, F Nestola

Icarus 401, 115629.

Tennantite-(Ni), Cu6 (Cu4Ni2) As4S13, from Luobusa ophiolite, Tibet, China: a new Ni member of the tetrahedrite group

Y Wang, R Chen, X Gu, Z Hou, F Nestola, Z Yang, G Fan, G Dong, L Ye, et al.

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (4), 591-598.

Calcioancylite-(La),(La, Ca) 2 (CO3) 2 (OH, H2O) 2, a new member of the ancylite group from Gejiu nepheline syenite, Yunnan Province, China

Y Wang, X Gu, G Dong, Z Hou, F Nestola, Z Yang, G Fan, Y Wang, K Qu

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (4), 554-560.

Carbon polymorphs in Frontier Mountain ureilitic meteorites: A correlation with increasing the degree of shock?

A Barbaro, MC Domeneghetti, AM Fioretti, M Alvaro, F Nestola

Earth and Planetary Science Letters 614, 118201.

Elasticity of mixtures and implications for piezobarometry of mixed-phase inclusions

RJ Angel, ML Mazzucchelli, KA Musiyachenko, F Nestola, M Alvaro

European Journal of Mineralogy 35 (4), 461-478.

Imperfections in natural diamond: the key to understanding diamond genesis and the mantle

MC Day, MG Pamato, D Novella, F Nestola

La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento 46 (7), 381-471.

Elastic geobarometry yielding a faithful sublithospheric depth for a ferropericlase inclusion in diamond

F Nestola, MG Pamato, D Novella, Y Wang, K Qu, EM Smith

Lithos, 107265.

Is the Imposition of Diamond Morphology on Mineral Inclusions a Syngenetic or Post-Genetic Process with Respect to Diamond Formation?

M Bruno, S Ghignone, D Aquilano, F Nestola

Crystal Growth & Design.

Diamond: Genesis, Mineralogy and Geochemistry

K Smit, S Shirey, G Pearson, T Stachel, F Nestola, T Moses

Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG.

In situ single-crystal X-ray diffraction of olivine inclusion in diamond from Shandong, China: implications for the depth of diamond formation

Y Wang, F Nestola, H Li, Z Hou, MG Pamato, D Novella, A Lorenzetti, et al.

European Journal of Mineralogy 35 (3), 361-372.

Going Inside a Diamond

F Nestola, MG Pamato, D Novella

Celebrating the International Year of Mineralogy: Progress and Landmark …

Forming and preserving aragonite in shear zones: First report of blueschist facies metamorphism in the Jabal Akhdar Dome, Oman Mountains

C Zuccari, G Vignaroli, I Callegari, F Nestola, D Novella, F Giuntoli, et al.

Geology 51 (5), 454-459.

Elasticity of hydrous olivine at high pressure and seismic detectability of water in Earth's mantle

L Faccincani, G Criniti, A Kurnosov, T Boffa Ballaran, AC Withers, et al.

EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU-14573.

Geobarometric evidence for a LM/TZ origin of CaSiO3 in a sublithospheric diamond

HT Genzel, MG Pamato, D Novella, L Santello, S Lorenzon, SB Shirey, et al.

Geochem. Persp. Lett 25, 41-45.

Dual origin of ferropericlase inclusions within super-deep diamonds

S Lorenzon, M Wenz, P Nimis, SD Jacobsen, L Pasqualetto, MG Pamato, et al.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters 608, 118081.

Sound velocities and single-crystal elasticity of hydrous Fo90 olivine to 12 GPa

L Faccincani, G Criniti, A Kurnosov, TB Ballaran, AC Withers, et al.

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 337, 107011.

Auroselenide, AuSe, a new mineral from Maletoyvayam deposit, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia

N Tolstykh, A Kasatkin, F Nestola, A Vymazalová, A Agakhanov, et al.

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (2), 284-291.

Tolstykhite, Au3S4Te6, a new mineral from Maletoyvayam deposit, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia

AV Kasatkin, F Nestola, J Plášil, J Sejkora, A Vymazalová, R Škoda

Mineralogical Magazine 87 (1), 34-39.

Bobtraillite from Gejiu hyperagpaitic nepheline syenite, southwestern China: new occurrence and crystal structure

Y Wang, F Nestola, Z Hou, X Gu, G Dong, Z Yang, G Fan, Z Xiao, K Qu

European Journal of Mineralogy 35 (1), 65-74.

Parameters of natural C2/c omphacite.

F Pandolfo, F Nestola, F Cámara, MC Domeneghetti

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals. 39 pp: 295-304.

Extreme redox variations in a superdeep diamond from a subducted slab

F Nestola, ME Regier, RW Luth, DG Pearson, T Stachel, C McCammon, et al.

Nature 613 (7942), 85-89.

Mg3Al2Si3O12 jeffbenite inclusion in super-deep diamonds is thermodynamically stable at very shallow Earth’s depths

F Nestola, M Prencipe, D Belmonte

Scientific Reports 13 (1), 83.

Fluorpyromorphite, Pb5 (PO4) 3F, a new apatite-group mineral from Sukhovyaz Mountain, Southern Urals, and Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka

AV Kasatkin, IV Pekov, R Skoda, NV Chukanov, F Nestola, AA Agakhanov, et al.

Journal of Geosciences 68 (1), 81-93.

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